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B i o g r a p h y

Author and Artist Michel Savage of The Grey Forest

Faerylands® The Elvenborn by Michel Savage • All Rights Reserved © 1992 The Grey Forest

The majority of the work from this Artist revolves around the essence of Mother Earth, the Gaia.  Our return to nature, readily forgotten from the cold grey concrete of human civilization.


To bring the rich texture of magic and childhood dreams back into our lives through exotic images. These fragile strings from the past reminding us of old legends & ancient tales that our ancestors once lived closer to nature and held a reverence for the spirit of the land; hopefully planting a seed in our conscience

of the importance to preserve what is left of the wilds,

our untainted woodlands and

ever-dwindling rainforests.


In time, the cities of earth will vanish,

and yield to the encroaching wilderness.  

The cold dead concrete will crack and weather away;

our civilizations all but forgotten,

...and from its dust will emerge 

The Grey Forest

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