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Faerylands the Elvenborn Fantasy art series by Michel Savage

The Erotic Art of

Fathered by the elves, born of Nature.
As the dying race of the Elves fade from the Faerylands,
their children known as the races of Fey, must learn to
carry on the struggle to save their world.
The Elvenborn are the purest blood of the Faerie,
appointed the new guardians of life by the High Elves,
they must now fulfill their legacy to heal the earth.

The original Faerylands novels & Art series was based for all audiences.  However, there came a calling from collectors for a style leaning to the more risque and exotic versions of the fantasy art they came to know and love.  


The upcoming Erotic Art series of The Elvenborn for the mature adult audience.  By thier nature, those sensual creatures of the Faerie Realm have always possessed a talent for the magic of seduction.  Whether to our pleasure or demise, those of the mudane world were uniquely vulnerable to their enchantments and air of sensuality that has both allured and captivated mankind since the very dawn of time.  


This fine art series breaks the legendary taboos and assumed boundaries of innocent fairytales to explore their 

secret world and experience the essense of passion of what truly is to be Fey.  


And perhaps to discover our own true inner nature on such a forbidden quest.


Faerylands the Elvenborn Fantasy art series by Michel Savage

Faerylands® The Elvenborn by Michel Savage • All Rights Reserved  © 1992 The Grey Forest

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