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The Grey Forest

Soulstorm Keep



Outlaws of Europa

Rebels of Alpha Prime

Hellbot • Battle Planet


Islands in the Sky

Broken Mirror




Shadow of the Sun

Veil of Shadows

Shadows Gate


Outlaws of Europa

The 2nd moon of Jupiter has been turned into a prison planet.  After a century of research, old core samples from the ice moon reveal that the frozen oceans of Europa hold the base element for an immortality drug that can extend the human lifespan several-fold.  
Now greedy Military corporations race to exploit this new fountain of youth, only to discover they can't disable the orbiting sentry that was programmed to guard the inmates at all costs.


It appears the Confederation has a problem.  How do they get past a self-evolving AI that has appointed itself as Warden?  And furthermore, retake a planet roaming with the galaxies worst criminals who might well be immortal themselves.


240 pgs  Adult Fiction              ISBN: 978-0-9719168-1-4

$11.95  USD

Broken Mirror - Apophis 2029

Hurtling through space was an enormous tumbling rock known as MN4 our astronomers affectionately named after an ancient Egyptian god of destruction. 

Asteroid Apophis was the talk of the year that every scientific community on Earth was aware of, though its flyby in April of 2029 was to be nothing more than a spectacular celestial event; but as warring nations were locked in global conflict, our civilization was unprepared for the devastation that followed in its wake.  


Several years after governments fell and society dissolved a ragged pack of survivors stumble upon the buried truth, revealing what circumstances had led to the aftermath that ensued, leaving them to question their continued struggle to salvage what few splintered shards were left of our world that would forever define Humanity's bitter legacy.


288 pgs  Adult Fiction              ISBN: 978-0-9719168-5-2

$14.95  USD

Witchwood • The Harvesting

Based on a true story :  Every day around the world hundreds of people go missing without a trace.  Year after year their numbers add up to millions of lost souls who are never to be seen again; and their numbers keep climbing   ...this is where many of them went.

280 pgs  Adult Fiction              ISBN: 978-0-9719168-4-5

$19.95  USD


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The Grey Forest Faerylands 1 novel by Michel Savage www.greyforest.com
Soulstorm Keep Faerylands 2 novel by Michel Savage www.greyforest.com
Sorrowblade Faerylands 3 novel by Michel Savage www.greyforest.com
Faerylands 1 • The Grey Forest

Long ago, the Faerie had roamed free, but for countless centuries now the fey have remained unseen, hidden and withdrawn, shrouded within the boundaries of the Evermore.  But just how they became imprisoned there was a mystery their own elders had forgotten or refused to speak of, and a subject of taboo among the anceints.


The Elvenborn had become a dying race, and now a strange and dreadful blight was encroaching upon their sanctuary.  Ivy knew their was something terribly wrong with her world, something unspeakable her kind was hiding from.  The Faerylands were vanishing, and she had to find out why.


248 pgs   Young Adult Fiction   ISBN:  978-0-9719168-6-9

$11.95  USD

Faerylands 2 • Soulstorm Keep

Many centuries after the passing of mankind, the blight known as the Craven still lingered, lurking within the shadows; a dark hunger awaiting its chance to consume what little was left of their fragile world.


Only one among the Elves knew the true face of their enemy, with the knowledge to awaken the Undying and save the Faerylands before the living veil of the Evermore was forever lost.


Ivy Elvenborn was presented with an impossible quest, one that would take her on a distant journey to the Tower of Madness to seek guidance from an ancient relic guarded within; but it would lead her to trespass beyond the gates of a forgotten castle, a ghostly fortress of despair where no living Faerie had ever tread.


If she failed in here task, the entire race of Fey would be the last of their kind.


250 pgs   Young Adult Fiction   ISBN:  978-0-9719168-7-6

$14.95  USD

Faerylands 3 • Sorrowblade

Untold ages ago the Elves were cast to the four winds. Fractured into separate clans, their dying race was scattered to the far reaches of the known world as the living veil of the Evermore began to fade.


Among them existed a dark and sinister faction known as the Drow.  From their hidden realm rose the legend of a warrior priestess from the Sisterhood of Blood; a young outcast trained in the forbidden sorcery of an accursed cult known as the Obsidian Order.

These maidens were the mystic guardians charged with battling the plague of phantoms known as the Craven, and the withering they brought upon the lands of the Fey.  But the clash between the rival kingdoms of Men and Elves would reveal the source of this blight and compel the young sorceress to face her own inner demons, and consider the true nature of sacrifice before all hope was lost.


300 pgs   Young Adult Fiction   ISBN:  978-0-9719168-8-3

$16.95  USD

Forgotten Future


At the edge of the world an impossible relic from the fables of antiquity has risen from the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.  Professor Logan and his exploration team rush to investigate this historic find, but this unique discovery puts their lives in peril when they unearth the remnants of a long-forgotten civilization left buried beneath the ice.


Within the twisting labyrinths below the melting glaciers, they uncover an ancient culture which had perished from a mysterious cataclysm.  They soon realize it was a polar shift which had caused their destruction; like the one which now threatens a global disaster that could hurl our modern world back into the Dark Ages. 


280 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 978-1-0898107-1-1

$14.95  USD

Hellbot • Battle Planet


​​Tranquility was one of those out of the way planets in a system far out of reach from the normal space lanes.  Loners, dreamers ...whoever they were, chose to colonize this world.   Thirty cycles ago something went terribly wrong.  It was rumored their reactor went critical, and few escaped the chain reaction that clouded the atmosphere with a planet-wide sand storm.  What wasn't buried under the ocean of sand was left to fry under the twin suns.


Human explorers began to wander back into the forgotten zone.  No one knew of the machines that had evolved, or the war that raged beyond the edge of the universe  ...where mankind did not belong.


240 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 978-0-9719168-9-0

$11.95  USD

Shadow of the Sun


On a distant, slowly rotating world, Bronze Age tribes must migrate throughout their lives to avoid the long cold death of nightfall.


As of late, strange events have been deeply troubling the tribal Elders; revealing evidence perhaps, that something is lurking on the dark side.  As for a pair of young misfits, the ancient mystery is about to unfold. To reveal their peoples forgotten past, buried deep in the underworld, shrouded in the Shadow of the Sun.

232 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 978-0-9719168-0-7

$9.95  USD

Shadows Gate


Asra found himself alone in the middle of the barren sands, unable to remember who he was or how he had gotten there.  Saved by a caravan of traveling gypsies, he entered into an exotic world of dancing acrobats, fortune tellers, and mystics who performed their skills for cheering crowds across the desert empires. 


However, his destiny would change the day he stumbled upon a forbidden shrine to find a mythical creature entombed beneath its shattered ruins.  Promises were whispered and a dark pact was made with the ancient demon; a bond of magic that would lead him on a perilous journey to reveal his forgotten past.


272 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 978-1-0808481-6-4

$14.95  USD

The Faerylands Trilogy edition


Long, long ago the Faerie had roamed free, but for countless centuries now the fey remained unseen, hidden and withdrawn, shrouded within the boundaries of the Evermore.  But just how they became imprisoned there was a mystery their own elders had forgotten or refused to speak of, and a subject of taboo among the ancients.   The Elvenborn had become a dying race, and now a strange and dreadful blight was encroaching upon their sanctuary.  Ivy knew there was something terribly wrong with her world, something unspeakable her kind was hiding from. 


The Faerylands were vanishing, and she had to find out why.

784 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 979-8-6683-5646-1

$24.95  USD

Veil of Shadows


Ash was an orphaned street urchin who grew up in the gutters of a desolate medieval city; his bitter youth spent picking pockets and snatching trinkets from the wealthy to survive. 


Over the years his art for stealth and sharpened skills had drawn the attention of the Thieves Guild who took him into their folds.  Little did they know that the boys tragic past would one day find itself woven within the treacherous schemes of a mysterious spider cult. 


As of late, a series of chilling murders had befallen several nobles within the privileged upper districts.  Their gruesome deaths had appeared to be centered around an ancient cursed skull, which had recently found its way into the hands of a rich collector.  There were few who would trespass upon the strange realms of witchcraft and dark magic ...but a master thief does not fear those who dwell in darkness, for he is one with the shadows.


308 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 978-0-9719168-3-8

$14.95  USD

Project EVE


In the late 1940s after the 2nd World War, a classified government program was created in order to explore the military use of psychics to gain an advantage for their soldiers during armed conflict.  At a remote laboratory in the mountains, a secret compound comprised of several hundred test subjects were trained to enhance their abilities with the goal of achieving the skills of telepathy and mind control.


Assigned to investigate this covert project, Walter Grant found himself entangled in a web of conspiracy and deceit when he discovered that the residents of the colony were being held captive by the scientists who had hidden the ugly truth behind their dangerous experiments. 


At the heart of the project was a girl named Eve, whose extraordinary mind held the key, a child who would prove to them why humanity could not handle such power.


246 pgs   Adult Fiction            ISBN: 978-1-67502-821-6

$14.95  USD

 Biography of an Average American Citizen by Michel Savage

 $2 E-Book

Biography of an Average American Citizen

The United States invades and occupies foreign countries as we police the world and incite needless wars.  America is on a downward spiral as our economy crumbles, yet our news media is scripted to keep the average American citizen distracted from the state of totalitarianism which is blooming upon the horizon.  Our system of Capitalism was doomed to fail when it stumbled down the path of unjust enrichment towards monopolies and corporate giants.


We need honesty in our Administration, instead of shameless theatrics devised of deceit, misdirection, and betrayal.  Our citizens have only to discover that we don't need a United States when we have a United People.

 $2 e-Book  -  $4 in Print   Available only on Amazon Kindle 

60 pgs    All ages                KPD ISBN: 978-1-9807573-8-2

 Biography of an Average American Citizen by Michel Savage

 $4 in Print

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