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The Harvesting          ISBN: 978-0-9719168-4-5        paperback:  280 pgs


Every day around the world hundreds of people go missing without a trace.

Year after year their numbers add up to Millions of lost souls who are never to be seen again: and their numbers keep climbing  

...this is where many of them went.

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Abduction images noted on pg: 218, below.

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Based on a True Story

    of Alien Abduction

Alien Abductee symbol Witchwood - The Harvesting Michel Savage

Image: 6.

The mysterious alien symbol they used to designate a contactee.  Readers are invited to message the author to report if they have ever seen this image before.

UFO Saucer Craft       ----> 

This type of UFO is rarely captured, which consists of an exaggerated thick antenna at the top of the vehicle.  Ranges around 20ft in diameter.

Elder Grey

A close resemblance of the creature seen here - also see the 1993 film

"FIRE IN THE SKY" were the creatures are more accurately depicted to the beings which were witnessed.

Witchwood • The Harvesting • by Michel Savage © 1986 My Vacation on Earth

All Rights Reserved

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